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Now is the Time to Treat Bark Beetle

Dillsworth Technical Tree Service offers safe and effective treatments to manage bark beetle infestations. We use MCH packets to deter mature beetles from laying eggs in your conifer trees. It is 100% effective and the results are guaranteed.

Bark Beetle in the Telluride Area

The bark beetle has been invading forests along the west cost for a number of years. In Colorado, it has decimated the Front Range and hit Ouray County heavily. Unfortunately, over the past few years, the bark beetle has become a more persistent problem in this area as well. Bark beetle is an invasive species and has no natural predators. It feeds on the cambrium layer of the tree which is just inside the bark, and typically prefers Douglas fir, subalpine fir, Engelmann spruce, and lodgepole pine (among others).

Left untreated, the damage will only get worse in this region. If you're noticing lines and bore holes such as these in your trees, now is the time to start treatment on your property.

MCH Treatment & How It Works

We use a synthetic pheromone derived from bark beetle larvae called MCH. It is safe, cost effective and very efficient in managing the spread of the bark beetle population. In nature, once a tree has become completely saturated with beetle larvae the larvae begin to emit a phermone. This phermone tells the mature beetle that there is no food supply left in the tree and forces the beetle to find another tree to lay its eggs. Our synthetic pheromone treatment is applied as a small packet on trees that are at risk. This treatment is widely used commercially and in the forest industry.


The mature beetle bores into the tree and lays its eggs twice per year; once in the fall and again in mid-summer. The timing of treatment depends specifically on the weather conditions of the given year. This year, due to an early spring, the best time to apply bark beetle treatments will be by mid may and then again mid summer. Contact us for a free estimate.

MCH is:

  • Highly effective in controlling the bark beetle infestation.

  • Non-toxic

  • Safe to administer

  • Safe for people and pets

  • Cost effective

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